There's recordings of 7 works in this page, and video of 1 opera. Osiris-opera is in five sections. When you watch the Osiris-opera, please select always the next part in this page.


Tällä sivulla on nauhoituksia 7:stä teoksesta, ja video yhdestä oopperasta. Osiris-ooppera on viidessä osassa. Kun katsot Osiris-oopperaa, ole hyvä ja valitse aina seuraava osa tästä sivulta.

Osiris-ooppera, osa 1  Osiris-opera, part 1

Suomen Kansallisoopperan solistit ja orkesteri       The soloists and orchestra of the Finnish National Opera


Osiris-ooppera, osa 2  Osiris-opera, part 2


Osiris-ooppera, osa 3  Osiris-opera, part 3


Osiris-ooppera, osa 4  Osiris-opera, part 4


Osiris-ooppera, osa 5  Osiris-opera, part 5

Per-Djet orkesterille    Per-Djet for orchestra

Radion sinfoniaorkesteri         Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Per-Djet is a mixture of emotional tenderness and wild inspiration. The work begins with a trance-like quiet tension with a little scherzo elements in between. Suddenly the orchestra gets power and builds an extremely culminating majestic nostalgy with the trombones and the trumpets. In the end the spiritual theme of the violins takes the work to the next level of romance.

Seuraavassa nauhoituksessa on säröjä. There's infractions in the next recording. 

Muinaisegyptiläinen loitsu sekakuorolle   Ancient egyptian spell for mixed choir

Tapiolan kamarikuoro Tapiola chamber choir

89 Chapter for letting a soul rejoin its corpse in the God's Domain

O you who bring, you who run, you who are in the booth of the great God, let my soul come to me from anywhere it is. If the bringing of my soul to me from anywhere it is be delayed, you will find the Eye of Horus standing up thus against you.O you Osirians, if you do not sleep, then will I not sleep in Heliopolis, the land of thousands of abodes. My soul shall be taken to me, and my spirit shall be vindicated with it whereever it may be.

Come to my soul, o you wardens of the sky! If you delay letting my soul see my corpse, you will find the Eye of Horus standing up thus against you. O you gods who are dragged in the bark of the lord of millions of years, who bring the upper sky to the Duat and who raise up the lower sky, who let souls draw near to the noble dead, may your hands be filled with your ropes, may your grip be on your harpoons, may you drive off the enemy. The sacred bark will be joyful and the great God will proceed in peace when you allow this soul of mine to ascend vindicated to the gods, while your buttocks are in the eastern horizon of the sky, so as to follow in peace to the place where it was yeasterday, to the West. May it see my corpse, may it rest on my mummy, which will never be destroyed or perish.


Muinaisegyptiläinen loitsu sekakuorolle   Ancient egyptian spell for mixed choir

Amun-Re was a clearvoiance thinker. That was the habit then and is now. See ¨the libretto of Tutankhamun¨.

Grex Musicus

125 A Chapter for enetering into the Hall of the Two Truths and a chapter of praising Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners.

Words spoken by the Osiris scribe Ani, the vindicated: I have come here in order to see your beauty, my two arms raised in exaltation to your real name. I have come here before the earth created the tamarisks. If I eneter the secred place, I shall speak with Seth and I shall be friendly with the one who approaches me. The one whose face is veiled falls because of the secred things. He enters into the house of Osiris and he sees the secrets which are therein. The councils of the portals are the blessed dead.

Words spoken by Anubis in the presence of his entourage: A man has come from Egypt who knows our roads and our towns, and I am satisfied with him. I smell his odor as belonging to one among you. He has said to me: I am the Osiris scribe Ani, the vindicated, in peace and in vindication. I have come here to see the great gods and so that I might live upon the offerings which are their victuals, while I am the limits of Ram, the lord of Mendes. He allows me to fly up as a Benu-bird at my saying so, when I am in the river. I make presentation of incense and I conduct myself in my kilt to the children, while I am in Elephantine in the house of Satis. I have sunk the bark of the enemies, I have crossed over to the pool in the Neshmet-bark, I have seen the nobles of Athribis, while I was in Busiris, whom I have silenced. I have caused that the god have power over his two legs, while I was in the house of he who is upon his mountain (Anubis). I have seen the one preeminent of the embalming tent. I have entered into the house of Osiris, I have stripped off the bag-wigs of those who are younder, I have entered into Rosetjau and I have seen the secrets which are therein. I have hidden the one whom I found missing. I have descended to Naref and I have clothed the one who was there naked. I have given incense to the retinue of the commoners.

Behold, these things have been told to me concearning the one to whom I shall speak when he shall be weighed in our midst.

Then shall say the majesty of Anubis concearning this: Do you know the name of this gateway, as many say to me?

Then the Osiris, the scribe Ani, the vindicated, shall say: in peace and in vindication: ¨You Dispel Light¨ is the name of this gate.

Then shall say the majesty of Anubis: Do you know the names of the upper and lower portions of the door?

¨Lord of truth, master of his two legs¨is the name of the upper portion; lord of strength, the one who commands the cattle¨is the name of the lower.

Pass you on then, for you know, o Osiris, scribe of the accounting of the divine offerings of all the gods of Thebes, Ani, the vindicated, possessor of reverence.

Sooloselloteos   Piece for solo-cello 

Roi Ruottinen,cello

Orsa forsa forsma is by it's ancient greek name a strong narrative one man's wish for a curse of love. The theme variates from a sensitive building of the cello's movement and seeks variating sides for the fear of love. It culminates to powerful nostalgy at the end.

Teos kamariorkesterille    A work for chamber orchestra

Helsingin konservatorion orkesteri      The orchestra of the Helsinki Conservatory

Your color presents a trance-like quiet tension, harmony somewhat traumatically longing into eternity. It circles through scherzo elements into an orchestra climax with piatti.

Teos sooloharmonikalle   Piece for solo-accordeon

Janne Rättyä, accordeon

Poeme de Thanatos is by it's ancient greek name a keeper of the gateway of the Dead. The accordeon tries to go really deep into the chances of harmony. It breaths by complex gestures through the work.

Teos poikakuorolle   A work for boy's choir

Cantores Minores

Face like sun (text: Nobel.prized Mexican poet Octavio Paz) is for a boy's choir a mysterious seek for the traumatic yet beautiful face of soul. It presents wild monotoic, sometimes wispering talking-sounds quite nicely culminating into the beautiful, almoust transcendentic harmony.