Listed compositions time periodically

First is listed his most important compositions during his childhood and teens:

Two pieces for piano: ¨Surulaine, Ukkosen tervehdys¨,(The wave of sorrow, Greetings from the thunderstorm) 1979

Children's opera, ¨Koirani Pepi¨,My dog Pepi, 1983. Recorded for Finnish television YLE 1.

2 operas for teenagers: ¨O tempora, o mores (Kleopatra)¨, 1985; ¨Indiana Jones¨, 1990. Indiana Jones was close to be performed at the support of the Cantores Minores- choir.

13+ 10 musical songs , 1990-1992 for voice and piano, some are performed publically and recorded, too.

( one day I wish to hear these two mentioned in professional performance...)

Second is listed most of Jani Kääriä's compositions during the time of his professional studies:

Pianoquintet ¨Hohto¨,¨Shining¨, 1994, f.p. 8.12.94, also performed e.g. in Helsinki Biennale 95 and Finnish radio-channel YLE 1.

A piece for soloviolin Elegance, 1995, f.p. 11.5.95, also performed e.g. in Finnish television YLE 1 (Erkki Palola, violin).

Piece for sopran, treble & ensemble ¨Aurinkokivi¨,Sunstone, 1995, text by Octavio Paz, f.p. 8.12.95, also performed e.g. in Tampere Biennale 1996.

Piece for mixed choir ¨Tarun lintu¨,Bird of myth, 1995, dedicated to Finnish radio chamberchoir, f.p. in 6.3.99 Musica nova,YLE1.

Stringquartet, 1996, f.p. 9.5.96, also performed e.g. in Finnish radio YLE.

Piece for chamber-ensemble Zen, 1996, f.p; 16.10.97 in Korvat Auki society's 20th anniversary-concert 1997, also partially performed in Finnish television YLE 1.